A Pro-Belgian Brunch

June 23, 2014

Dear Reader,

Ever since I moved to Boston and fell in with a pretty awesome group of people, I have wanted to feed these people. So this weekend I decided to play host to a little World Cup party for the Belgium vs. Russia game. I was born in Belgium so I’ve been pushing for them to go all the way. A Pro-Belgian Brunch

I prepared one of the appetizers my Belgian father always makes, prosciutto with cantaloupe. There is something about the combination of the salty, rich prosciutto and the sweet, ripe cantaloupe that makes it a mind-blowing combination. Popping a little roll of prosciutto and then a piece of melon in your mouth together is just the height of savory and sweet.

A Pro-Belgian BrunchI had also been eyeing some pretty sweet strawberries at Whole Foods for a while so I made strawberry shortcake for the main brunch course. I used buttermilk biscuits and let the strawberries soak in their own juices (with a little added sugar) overnight, then whipped up some cream in the morning for a fresh and fine meal.

A Pro-Belgian BrunchAll that was left was to pour the mimosas, turn on the tv, and let Belgium do their thing.

A Pro-Belgian BrunchAnd, of course, to have seconds once the second period rolled around.

A Pro-Belgian Brunch


For the Algeria vs. South Korea game I opted for some homemade pizza. Nothing really matched up there, but it was pizza, and thus is always acceptable under my roof. I bought dough, sauce, and cheese and tried my best to toss and shape my own perfectly round smooth pizza. I think I pretty much nailed it.

A Pro-Belgian BrunchNo complaints were heard as we munched and shouted at the television. So I’ll take that as a win on all fronts.

We headed to the bar afterwards to catch all the action from the U.S. vs. Portugal game. But, if you’ve been paying any attention to every social media outlet ever this morning, you know the kind of soaring joy and vicious heartbreak that were in store for us there. But at least half of my heritage had something to be very happy about today. And all of my stomach certainly did.




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