Lost in Boston

June 25, 2014

Dear Reader,

The weather has been a cross between unbelievably gorgeous and temperate beyond belief. So much so that I could almost forget the fact that we had a spring that lasted all of three weeks this year.  I took advantage of all this recently and took a walk around Boston. I actually ended up taking an eight mile walk around Boston when all was said and done and I was greedily slurping down a smoothie at Coldstone, unable to feel anything below my knees.

In my travels around this great city, I paused in such places as The Raven Used Books on Newbury street, some of the parks that make up the Emerald Necklace, the absurdly beautiful brownstone-lined streets of Back Bay, a really BAMF statue of Leif Ericson with Nordic runes carved into its base, a bamboo forest, and the longest-maintained victory gardens in the United States. All within the space of an afternoon. I might need new feet but I am even more in love with this city than I already was.

Here is a slight photo journey, in case you don’t believe I have indeed travelled to these places:

The Raven: as much wrought iron, bright windows, and creepy birds as you could wish for. Also cheap pretty books.

Lost in Boston


The Emerald Necklace: a series of beautiful parks that run through Boston and for which the green line is named (fun fact from Lauren).

Lost in Boston


Homes where I want to raise my cute and undoubtedly named after British literary characters children:

Lost in BostonLost in BostonLeif, son of Eric: I kind of wish there wasn’t a translation on the back. Then people would have to look up runes, which is a really worthy way to spend an afternoon. Also his pose is so cocky. I love it.

Lost in Boston

The bamboo forest I mistook for really tall corn at first: I’ve been a city girl too long.

Lost in BostonDoesn’t this look like a post-apocalyptic image of Boston?

Lost in BostonAnd finally, the victory garden. Which was so cool and I really want a plot a lot but I don’t really live near enough to take adequate care of it. Woe is me.

Lost in BostonLost in Boston

And that is what eight miles of good road… or sidewalks, gets you. So my advice for this weekend is to get lost in Boston and end your trip at a Coldstone. Preferably with their mango pineapple smoothie because it is really really good.

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