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Falling in Love With Fenway

September 9, 2015

Dear Friend,

I have recently felt the need to fall in love with Boston again. Wandering the streets of Oxford, eating fish and chips in Dublin, gazing up at the Gherkin… these have made Boston seem a bit small and uninteresting to me of late. I have been combatting this by throwing myself back into the things I know are great about this city of mine. Thus, on a sunny Sunday I took a walk down to Fenway.Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIATThat is probably my “why am I not in England” face. Regardless, I wandered down and began to rediscover some things I love. Then, there was this rose garden. I have lived in Boston for all of two years and never seen this beautiful spot. Looking for a place to sit and read my book (City of Bohane by Kevin Barry- absolutely fantabulous), I stumbled upon a circle of high shrubbery right near the MFA. (Naturally, I grammed it).Faling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT Inside the little gate there are supposedly around 1500 rose bushes. For more info, go here. But certainly check it out next time you are in the area. It was the most fragrant and pleasant place to read imaginable.

After that little interlude, I walked over to the MFA. And here is where I began to remember one of the things I have always loved about Boston- the MFA. The MFA is such a great museum. I get lost in it every time and always stumble upon something weird and cool and often intensely beautiful. Such as their new contemporary exhibition, Crafts. Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIATThe exhibition is so inventive and well-presented that I just sort of wandered about marveling at one artwork after another. Here are some of my favorites:Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT


That last one is made by dragging molten glass across paper. The accompanying video is highly impressive. Be sure to check it out next time you are in the area. To close out the day I met a friend at Thaitaition, a thai restaurant right near the MFA as well. The menu is vast but everything was quite delicious. It is a bit pricey, but the portions were big enough that I had leftovers for last night. I would recommend a visit if you are with friends and looking for some well-done and creative thai food in the Fenway area.

It was really the perfect way to spend a quiet and contemplative Sunday in Boston and was exactly what I needed to start feeling the way I used to about the city. Hopefully you all had a great weekend as well and happy Wednesday 🙂

Love Roofies and Thai Food

October 22, 2014

Dear Reader,

Last night the Boston Public Library had their first Opera Night. The theme of the night was Tristan and Isolt, as the Boston Lyric Opera is going to putting on a production of The Love Potion in November. One of my professors, Robert Stanton, was giving a lecture about the story of Tristan and Isolt so his students turned up in force to giggle at his references to Freud and nod sagely at all his brilliant points.

Love Roofies and Thai Food- The Person I Am TonightInterspersed throughout his talk were dramatic reading from various source material for the legend and songs from both Wagner’s famous version of the story and the newer production The Love Potion. Afterwards we got some pretty decent Thai food at Bangkok Blue and chatted about the lecture and about literature and polydactyl cats and churches made of bone. You know, the usual.

Love Roofies and Thai Food- The Person I Am TonightBut, a little about Tristan and Isolt, just in case you are interested in turning up for The Love Potion November 19-23. There are lots of versions with little variations but the main gist is this: Tristan is a nobleman that ends up being commissioned to transport the lovely Isolt (Isolde, Iseult, Yseult etc.) to her marriage with King Mark. Isolt’s mother liked to mix up potions for some reason and gives her faithful servant a love potion to give to Mark and Isolt on their wedding day so they will fall madly in love and her daughter will be happy.

Love Roofies and Thai Food- The Person I Am TonightAs you can probably guess, that is not King Mark sipping the roofie with Isolt. No that is Tristan who is accidentally given the potion by the faithful (but apparently somewhat dim) serving woman. Tristan and Isolt fall madly in love, carry on a protracted adulterous affair after she has married King Mark, are found out multiple times and exiled multiple times. Finally, the potion wears off and they both regret their actions. Here it gets really interesting. Was their love only because of the potion or have they grown to love each other genuinely?Love Roofies and Thai Food- The Person I Am Tonight

It ends in tragedy, of course. But it is a foundational story of love and death and Professor Stanton’s talk illuminated how the variations in the story have been extremely telling of what the teller privileges. But don’t take my word for it. Check out The Love Potion and let me know what you think. Happy Wednesday all!