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White Noise, Ripper Street, Easy Mac

October 6, 2014

Dear Reader,

So all my posts as of late have been about books, TV shows, or food. This is because these have become the boundaries of my life. Every day I read, watch some sort of Netflix or Hulu provided content, and eat something that is only marginally life-sustaining (Easy Mac). All of this makes for a very one-note blog, and for that I apologize. One of the reasons I started this blog was to give me inspiration to get out into the city and do things worth writing about. My version of that this weekend was wearing an apron, putting on a record of Debussy nocturnes, and cleaning the entire apartment from top to bottom. All of which is a little hard to translate photographically.

So this all boils down to another post about what I am reading and watching. Hopefully some of this will prick your interest if you are looking for some new sedentary activities, and hopefully on Wednesday I will have something a little more active to relate.

White Noise by Don DeLillo: Hilarious, beautifully written, creepifying (a bit). Great for an October evening all curled up with candle and blanket.1391948_10203105922708849_4858345646279577016_nRipper Street: Well it has the word ripper in it so it is probably about Jack the Ripper. Correct! Sort of. It is set in 1889 London, right after good old Jack has ceased killing. The show deals with being a detective in a post-Ripper world when the shadow of the unknown murderer still hangs over Whitechapel. It has Bronn from GOT in it and Mr. Darcy from the new P and P. Reason enough to watch, in my opinion. The first season of this show is up on Netflix, the second you will have to find in the Internet’s vast aether, and the third premieres on Amazon in early November.ripper-street-cast

Enjoy Monday my friends.