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Falling in Love With Fenway

September 9, 2015

Dear Friend,

I have recently felt the need to fall in love with Boston again. Wandering the streets of Oxford, eating fish and chips in Dublin, gazing up at the Gherkin… these have made Boston seem a bit small and uninteresting to me of late. I have been combatting this by throwing myself back into the things I know are great about this city of mine. Thus, on a sunny Sunday I took a walk down to Fenway.Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIATThat is probably my “why am I not in England” face. Regardless, I wandered down and began to rediscover some things I love. Then, there was this rose garden. I have lived in Boston for all of two years and never seen this beautiful spot. Looking for a place to sit and read my book (City of Bohane by Kevin Barry- absolutely fantabulous), I stumbled upon a circle of high shrubbery right near the MFA. (Naturally, I grammed it).Faling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT Inside the little gate there are supposedly around 1500 rose bushes. For more info, go here. But certainly check it out next time you are in the area. It was the most fragrant and pleasant place to read imaginable.

After that little interlude, I walked over to the MFA. And here is where I began to remember one of the things I have always loved about Boston- the MFA. The MFA is such a great museum. I get lost in it every time and always stumble upon something weird and cool and often intensely beautiful. Such as their new contemporary exhibition, Crafts. Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIATThe exhibition is so inventive and well-presented that I just sort of wandered about marveling at one artwork after another. Here are some of my favorites:Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT

Falling in Love With Fenway- TPIAT


That last one is made by dragging molten glass across paper. The accompanying video is highly impressive. Be sure to check it out next time you are in the area. To close out the day I met a friend at Thaitaition, a thai restaurant right near the MFA as well. The menu is vast but everything was quite delicious. It is a bit pricey, but the portions were big enough that I had leftovers for last night. I would recommend a visit if you are with friends and looking for some well-done and creative thai food in the Fenway area.

It was really the perfect way to spend a quiet and contemplative Sunday in Boston and was exactly what I needed to start feeling the way I used to about the city. Hopefully you all had a great weekend as well and happy Wednesday 🙂

Sweet Cheeks

June 15, 2015

Dear Reader,

I finally checked out Sweet Cheeks, a Texas-style barbecue joint in Fenway. I have a couple of friends who work there so a couple of my other friends and I decided to head down and catch the women’s game against Sweden while we ate our faces off. And oh boy did we eat our faces off.Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightThe menu is fairly simple: meat and fattening carbs. And for a Friday night after a hard week it had the best menu in town. The food is pretty fantastic and the portions are huge. Prepare to take some home and definitely wear something comfy and possibly with an elastic waistband. First thing you have to get when you go is the biscuits. Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightI had already eaten mine by the time I remembered to take this picture, so I only got the corner of Sara’s. But they are light, fluffy, and gigantic. The real star, however, is this butter in front of you. It is honey butter and tastes exactly like you’d expect it to taste. These were basically a meal in themselves, but well worth it.Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightThe cocktails are pretty good. Mine had hints of molasses, which really gave it an oddly appealing flavor. Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightThis is all just foreplay, of course. Now we have the main event. You can order trays of several different kinds of barbecue. They provide you with three sauces to choose from that they make themselves, so your meal doesn’t come already saturated, which I appreciate. I chose to masticate the pulled pork on texas toast with a side of potato salad (look at all that delicious dill) and mac and cheese.Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightTake another look at that mac and cheese. Doesn’t that look ridiculously good? It was pretty freaking delicious. I didn’t have room for dessert, not did I finish everything. Bring your appetite to this place. Not only are the portions generous, but you will want to eat all of it. It is a bit expensive, but as I said, it is basically two meals worth of food. It gets really busy on weekends and anytime there is a Red Sox game, so plan ahead or make a reservation. Check it out friends, it will not disappoint.



Shakespeare in the Ballpark

September 26, 2014

Dear Reader,

Last Friday night I was freezing and enthralled as Commonwealth Shakespeare Company put on their fantastic event “Shakespeare at Fenway.

2014-09-20t163013z_2_gm1ea9k0wo201_rtrmadp_tr3_usa-cultureThey performed scenes from many famous Shakespeare plays including OthelloA Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing, making the audience alternately burst into laughter and grow quiet and contemplative. The show had its hiccups, as the fire alarm went off for a while in the middle of a scene and it was so cold the audience was shivering in their seats, but it was easy to see that everyone was hungry for more Shakespeare.

10375905_10203004260887367_7264720633089764359_nWhich one can easily get by checking out what they have coming up. You can find that here 🙂



My Weekend Foodie Paradise

August 25, 2014

Dear Reader,

This weekend was a bit of a crazy food-filled one. Diets went flying out the window and inhibitions cowered in the corner. I ate like a queen and traversed all of Boston to find only the best and the most yummiest things to satisfy my palate. Ok that might all be a bit melodramatic. But I did eat some amazing things at some amazing places this weekend and, naturally, instagrammed it all. So here is my foodie weekend and where you need to go to have one yourself.

I kicked it off Friday night in Fenway with one of the best burgers I have found in Boston.

Thornton’s Fenway Grille serves up a pretty mean burger. I got one with Canadian bacon, cheddar, and a good slathering of their truly delectable barbecue sauce.My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightI couldn’t even wait to take a picture before biting into it. The fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just as they should be and they serve a mean fresh squeezed lemonade, for those of us not quite ready for summer to end.

Saturday morning I headed up to Newton Center hoping for a bite of Rosenfeld’s famed bagels. Alas, it was not to be, as they were on vacation for another week. But my compatriot and I were undaunted and found our way to the Deluxe Station Diner right off the Newton Center T stop. There, I had chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries on top and real maple syrup. And a side of bacon, of course. My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightThe place is pretty adorable and pretty great. I took a crazy amount of pictures there, which I will show you all on Wednesday. It has some pretty fun steampunk decor. The food is great. I have had a burger there from their lunch menu before and it was just as great as their breakfast. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a decadent treat.

Having stuffed myself like crazy at breakfast, I was not all that hungry when we wandered through Jamaica Plain, but by the time we hit Cambridge it was all about hitting up Grendel’s. Grendel’s Den is a kind of mostly underground pub right off Harvard Square across from the Shake Shack. The food is pretty good and the drinks are even better. Between 5 and 7 PM every night and 9-11:30 PM Sunday through Thursday their food is half priced if you buy a drink. Which is a pretty great deal if you are trying to eat well on a budget, like me.My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightVegan chili with added cheese and onions, chips on the side to scoop up all the goodness. Perfect transitioning into fall food.

I finished it up on Sunday morning by finally getting to eat some out-of-this-world bagels. Kupel’s is kind of famous in Boston for having amazing bagels. They are a kosher bakery located in Coolidge Corner and on a Sunday morning you will queue outside for a little while, as everyone in the area has caught on to how excellent these are. I haven’t tried any other bagel places in Boston so I can’t say it is the best, but they were pretty amazing.My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightI got the Harvard Ave. sandwich, which consisted of honey and walnut cream cheese with jelly. It was just the right amount of sweet and savory all wrapped up in one warm delicious bagely package. I also had my first bite of nova lox… which turns out to be amazing. I think I am going to need to get that from now on. I don’t usually like fish, so I was hesitant. But it was out of this world.

I suggest all of these places to you. I wandered over many parts of the Boston area this weekend, as you can see, so I hope there is a little something for everyone. Happy Monday everyone, I hope the week is kickass.

Lost in Boston

June 25, 2014

Dear Reader,

The weather has been a cross between unbelievably gorgeous and temperate beyond belief. So much so that I could almost forget the fact that we had a spring that lasted all of three weeks this year.  I took advantage of all this recently and took a walk around Boston. I actually ended up taking an eight mile walk around Boston when all was said and done and I was greedily slurping down a smoothie at Coldstone, unable to feel anything below my knees.

In my travels around this great city, I paused in such places as The Raven Used Books on Newbury street, some of the parks that make up the Emerald Necklace, the absurdly beautiful brownstone-lined streets of Back Bay, a really BAMF statue of Leif Ericson with Nordic runes carved into its base, a bamboo forest, and the longest-maintained victory gardens in the United States. All within the space of an afternoon. I might need new feet but I am even more in love with this city than I already was.

Here is a slight photo journey, in case you don’t believe I have indeed travelled to these places:

The Raven: as much wrought iron, bright windows, and creepy birds as you could wish for. Also cheap pretty books.

Lost in Boston


The Emerald Necklace: a series of beautiful parks that run through Boston and for which the green line is named (fun fact from Lauren).

Lost in Boston


Homes where I want to raise my cute and undoubtedly named after British literary characters children:

Lost in BostonLost in BostonLeif, son of Eric: I kind of wish there wasn’t a translation on the back. Then people would have to look up runes, which is a really worthy way to spend an afternoon. Also his pose is so cocky. I love it.

Lost in Boston

The bamboo forest I mistook for really tall corn at first: I’ve been a city girl too long.

Lost in BostonDoesn’t this look like a post-apocalyptic image of Boston?

Lost in BostonAnd finally, the victory garden. Which was so cool and I really want a plot a lot but I don’t really live near enough to take adequate care of it. Woe is me.

Lost in BostonLost in Boston

And that is what eight miles of good road… or sidewalks, gets you. So my advice for this weekend is to get lost in Boston and end your trip at a Coldstone. Preferably with their mango pineapple smoothie because it is really really good.