Last First Days

January 12, 2015

Dear Reader,

It is possible that today will be my last first day as a student. It is a strange feeling for me, since I have been having first days of school for my entire remembered life. To mark the occasion there will need to be red lipstick, a book too heavy to be comfortably carried in my bag, a lack of sleep, and whole lot of earl grey.

So, business as usual. Whether this is your last first day too or just another Monday in January, I hope you have a list of things to look forward to from the new semester, month, year, week etc. Here is what I am pumped for this year:

1.The weather has to get somehow warmer and the days absolutely will be getting longer no matter what. Which means eventually my fitband-inspired walks will not be so shivery. Eventually. Boston will one day look like this again:Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

2.The new season of Pretty Little Liars has BEGUN. We have learned that Spencer knows how to fashion a shiv at a moment’s notice and that A can control fireworks just like V. WHAT CAN BE NEXT?Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

3.The new season of House of Cards will be here at the end of February. FEBRUARY I SAY. That is so much sooner than I could have ever expected or hoped for in my wildest Frank Underwood loving dreams.Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

4. The least realistic erotica novel ever written is coming to the big screen on Valentine’s Day. My friends and I have already claimed each other for steak and martinis at Applebee’s followed by that quality cinematic experience. So menfolk- I know you want us but sorry we are busy watching strangers getting busy.Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

5. Financial independence. I want it. I am striving for it. That, and an understanding of how Lipton can get away with putting “America’s Favorite Tea” on all their packaging. That’s supposed to be an insult, right?

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