Getting Fit

January 9, 2015

Dear Reader,

There isn’t much worth going outside for on these cold cold days. However, I got the Jawbone Up24 fitband for Christmas and I love it a lot. It is like a gym coach that is also your mother and a really sympathetic version of Siri all mixed into one.Getting Fit- The Person I Am Tonight

It’s lovely. But it is also a tyrant. I take the stairs, walk the long way around, and occasionally pace up and down my bedroom in order to get the last few steps in. I think it is possible that this is the thing that is going to get me right to the place I want to be. I highly recommend this particular one and fitbands in general. They are getting a lot less expensive and Jawbone, for one, has a pretty decent sale going on right ┬ánow.

The best thing about having it is that I just… have to go out. And it is freezing right now, of course. I don’t have a gym membership so I have to get my steps in outside. And why is that the best? I have gotten every errand that has been nagging the back of my mind for months now completely done. I sleep like a top because I’m physically worn out at the end of the day. And even though it has only been two weeks, I have seen results.10933852_10203733705363023_2639090770269926942_n

An added bonus: I would have missed a lot of beautiful views and listened to a whole lot less music this week if I hadn’t had this to compel me out into the frigid outdoors. So feel virtuous and get in shape my friends. Resolutions are worth keeping.

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