Back in Boston

January 5, 2015

Dear Reader,

I am back in Boston and full of suggestions, reviews, weird stories, and pictures of fattening food. The blog is getting a server upgrade so it might be intermittently accessible for the next couple of days.

Well Jogolev (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is married and Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. What do we all do now? I guess drown our sorrows in some Nutella hot chocolate from Paris Creperie.Back in Boston- The Person I Am TonightAnd what do we do now that winter is finally showing her face? Well, electric blankets and a good movie come to mind. Try Liberal Arts up on Netflix or Haven (a tv show) also living on Netflix. Both great snuggle in and be warm and entertained thingermabobs.

And if a book is your cup of tea then grab a cup of tea and one of the recently out Best American books (my personal favorite is Best American Travel Writing but there’s something for everyone).

Back in Boston- The Person I Am Tonight


Stay thirsty my friends. And by that I mean not frostbitten. Noses are sexy, don’t let yours turn black.

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