Litographs for Christmas

December 19, 2014

Dear Reader,

Are you literary like crazy? Do your bare apartment walls need some brightening up? Do you need to give some answer to the “what do you want for Christmas” question? Have I got a product for you.

LITOGRAPHS. They are the answer to all your Christmas wants. They are basically books turned into pictures. This lovely company takes the text of a book and lays it all out in patterns that create a picture relevant to the text. You can get your James Joyce obsessed friend(s) this gem:Litographs for Christmas

For the Princess lovers, Litographs for ChristmasThe Gatsby-fans,Litographs for ChristmasThe Biblical scholars, Litographs for ChristmasThe Jane Austen-addicts,Litographs for Christmas the romantics… (there’s over 100 but I suppose you get the idea 😉Litographs for ChristmasYou can get these in t-shirt and totes as well, but the posters are my favorite. The only problem for me is finding wallspace for all 100 plus…

Happy almost Christmas friends 🙂

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