Ballet and Absinthe

February 22, 2014

Dear Reader,

Last night I went to one of the first performances of Boston Ballet’s production, Close to Chuck. The performance is comprised of three mostly unconnected acts. The first, Close to Chuck, is loosely based upon the work of portrait painter Chuck Close. The other two acts, Resonances and Bella Figura, are both focused on the perception of the human body and the perfection of its shadow self. Resonances was particularly beautiful through its use of lighting and shadow and Bella Figura through the way that the black stage curtains were incorporated into the performance. One scene in which a ballerina was naked from the waist up in front of the curtain with the arms of the other dancers embracing and lifting her from behind it, absolutely blew me away. All in all the performance was a very modern and stirring one. The dancers were talented to the point of bringing me to tears with a single gesture and causing my comrades and I to swear to attend the next performance. And the next. And probably the one after that. 
So the point of all this is that if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive way to spend a classy evening (my ticket was $37 and our seats were fantastic), this is my advice. Grab a ticket to Close to Chuck or, in the future, to Cinderella, Pricked, or Jewels and enjoy two hours or so of very talented people doing incredibly difficult and beautiful things. After the performance I recommend a trip to Stoddard’s- a bar just around the corner from the theatre that has a basement you will swear is actually a speakeasy. Their French 75s are delicious and they have at least three drinks on their creative menu that include absinthe. 
If you are not Boston-local, well plan a trip 🙂 It’ll be worth your while I promise.
For a review of the performance check out Review-Boston Globe
For tickets check out

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