Remember, Remember Some Suggestions

November 5, 2014

Dear Reader,

Are you remember, remembering the fifth of November? What works have been wrought this day! The Republicans have wrested control of Congress from the clutching blue fingers of Harry Reid, Benedict Cumberbatch has announced his engagement (to the shock and horror of so many of his devotees), and I am putting up a new suggestions post. All of those seem to me to be on an equal level of importance.

First Suggestion: Read this book…Remember, Remember Some Suggestions- The Person I Am TonightLaura Kasischke is giving a reading at BC tonight at seven. I read this particular collection of her poetry last year in a Contemporary American Poetry class. I highly recommend both her poetry and her novels, and if you can make it to the reading absolutely do it.

Second Suggestion: Go here…Remember, Remember Some Suggestions- The Person I Am TonightRoast Beast, off Comm ave near BU, is freaking delicious. They make insanely scrumptious roast beef sandwiches in many unexpected variations. It is tiny and easily overlooked but missing this one would be a serious mistake if you are in any way enamored of roast beef.

Suggestion Three: See this…Remember, Remember Some Suggestions- The Person I Am TonightBoston Ballet is performing Swan Lake right now. I am going Friday and will give a full review after that, however everything I hear is overwhelmingly favorable. This review in particular. This particular picture is from earlier in the year when they performed bits of it on the swan boats in the gardens, which is kind of adorable. It is only here through November 16th, so get your tickets ASAP.

Suggestion Four: Go wander here…Remember, Remember Some Suggestions- The Person I Am TonightThere is currently a new Goya exhibit at the MFA and, once again, I have heard great things. I am going this weekend so I will see if I can confirm the rumors, but this is my heads up that you should go. Maybe I will even see you there 🙂

Happy Wednesday my friends!

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