November 3, 2014

Dear friend,

When Victorianists party they party like it is 1847. No, but seriously. Look:10712744_10203285148109372_1483623819890750599_n

That’s Charles Darwin, Jane Eyre, Mr. Rochester, Miss Havisham, and a charming Oriental rug someone apparently just shot. Or William Blake’s Tyger, Tyger burning bright (but don’t tell her that). And this was Halloween. There was the bromance that never was: Freud and Darwin…16113_10203285153229500_3911115029277393240_nDarwin and his cats… just go with it. 10404492_10203276812020975_1197757689808479672_nCome to think of it that might be Hemingway and his cats. Anyway, first Halloween was a Victorian extravaganza. With some cats. Second Halloween was a little more varied, costume-wise. 10517473_10204120849794925_882735551528779596_nBut ultimately still extremely literary. What can I say? Every lit major has to be Daisy Buchanan at least once a year.10615545_10203282715728564_6116740326876093194_nI am going to petition the world for at least one more Halloweekend a year. I didn’t even get to wear my velvet cloak for this one. I hope you all had equally fantastic Halloweens and will have a very good Guy Fawkes day (start setting up those dominoes now. It takes forever) Happy Monday!

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