Rave of Thrones

October 15, 2014

Dear Reader,

This weekend was the most conflicting weekend. At one point I almost thought someone was going to jump out of the bushes and just blow a whistle and shout “ENOUGH INSANITY.” This did not happen, unfortunately.┬áSome of this insanity was kind of epic though, so let’s focus on that.

First epic thing: I bought a full length velvet cape with red satiny lining. Which I will use for… way too much stuff actually. I might just wear it around and swish dramatically through hallways a bunch.Rave of Thrones- The Person I Am Tonight

It is actually quite literally this. And I wore it, along with a floor length velvet medieval gown to Rave of Thrones Sunday night. This turned out to be the perfect cap to the weekend and included a really annoying man who looked EXACTLY like The Viper, overpriced drinks, everyone making out during “Demons” by Imagine Dragons (it’s just such a good song…?), HODOR- like actually, and everyone exclaiming over my friend Killian’s freaking awesome cosplay.

Rave of Thrones- The Person I Am TonightCersei was a bit jealous of the beautiful pale person with dragons.Rave of Thrones- The Person I Am Tonight

So she did what she does best… and tried to kill some folks.

Rave of Thrones- The Person I Am TonightNeedless to say, it was a really fun time. If you are anywhere where Rave of Thrones is happening, buy some tickets and get on that. It is a weird collection of people all shaking to strobe lights and screaming HODOR a lot. How can you pass that up?



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