Classy Fall Excursion Suggestions

September 24, 2014

Dear Reader,

As you can tell from previous posts I am pretty excited that it is fall. I have been putting colorful tights under my summer dresses and wearing boots like it’s my job. I’ve also been so busy at school that I haven’t had much time to partake in all the fall activities I wish I could… so here is my list of suggestions for you so that I can live vicariously through you.

1. Go apple picking. This is my number one suggestion, as you can see. Because I put it first and put a number one in front of it. But seriously, go do it. It is my favorite fall activity. Last year I went and there were hay rides, so much cider, fresh apple cider doughnuts, and a maze that took me a really long time to get out of. I went to Honey Pot, which I highly recommend.

Classy Fall Excursion Suggestions- The Person I Am Tonight2. Go on a fall walk, bring a camera. These pictures are from a fall walk that I took a little while back and I am still full of love and joy for how amazing the colors were and how happy I was when I was just wandering around and jumping into huge piles of leaves. Stop and smell the decaying glory of the trees.Classy Fall Excursion Suggestions- The Person I Am Tonight3. Go to Publick House and have some baked macaroni and cheese. It is the perfect fall cheat-on-your-diet meal. It is warm and gooey and you can put a ton of extra ingredients in to make it the perfect bacon-lobster-cheese extravaganza. The fries with truffle ketchup are pretty bangin too.Classy Fall Excursion Suggestions- The Person I Am Tonight4. Read. A lot. Doesn’t fall just make you think of Rory Gilmore and her voracious reading habits? I used to watch Gilmore Girls every fall from the beginning and I would get so excited to do well in school and just start reading everything in sight. Those leaves turn and all I want is a good book, a crisp day, and some apple cider. Check out some great options here.Classy Fall Excursion Suggestions- The Person I Am Tonight


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