My Boston Tea Party

March 11, 2014

Dear Reader,


This recipe is not in English.

This weekend I returned to Boston with airport fashion magazines in tow from a lovely week with my family in slightly-warmer-than-Boston Maryland. I watched the Oscars, ate food that doesn’t come out of a package that says Ramen on it, and jabbered away to you folks while my dad laughed at me and my mom looked on fondly. Having had little to no sleep the night before my flight and being exhausted from travel I naturally opted to meet some of my lady-loves downtown for drinks at Scholars, a bar that is way posher than most actual scholars. Scholars happens to have an insanely funny drink menu with most drinks in some way referencing literature. This obviously makes me a fan. I opt for the “Cloudy With a Chance of Earl” which is an earl grey martini. But let’s rewind.


Savior of tired Kathleens

My tired aching 22 year old body got off the Park Street stop and started to fall asleep while standing, so before I took my classy self out to a place like Scholars that requires a good deal of alertness to handle, I stopped in at the Thinking Cup. The Thinking Cup is currently my favorite little Boston coffee shop. It’s off Tremont and is between the movie theatre and the Park Street T stop and their hazelnut macaroons will make you feel like Boston is Gay Paree. I opted for a tall Jasmine tea that tasted exactly like it smelled (which is such a weird sensation but it was delicious so hey). Well, first I walked up to the girl at the counter and asked for the most caffeinated tea she had. She looked a little scared so I edited that statement to “Jasmine looks nice.” Thus fortified, I drank my tea and met up with my ladies.


Classy joint, no?

Scholars is the type of place young professionals go to look at each others pretty shoes and hold martini glasses and eat tiny weird looking food that is probably really good. But the vibe is actually pretty fun if you don’t take it too seriously and the earl grey martini is the most delicious drink I’ve ever had. It also gets pretty dancey in one portion around ten, so bring a clutch and not a whole handbag if looking to dance. Which I didn’t do, which is why you get the advice.


Also classy. And it was night not day. Oops.

After earl and I had become good friends we all headed to The Elephant and Castle a couple blocks away. Saturday is karaoke night and the whole place is really class and fun. The age group is about twenty years above mine whenever I’m there but that is usually half the fun. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the whole bar sing “My Heart Will Go On” together around closing time.


Love you guys!

Speaking of closing time, Boston cabbies are the sweetest. Just want to give a shout out.


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    Looking on fondly from afar……

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