JeremyJahns is My Movie Spirit-Animal

May 23, 2014

Dear Reader,

I watch a ton of movies. I kind of always want to see all of them. If you have had this issue then you know it can be hard to decide what is actually worth spending your (probably limited because they are so expensive nowadays) movie budget on. I like to turn to a couple sources for movie reviews. In the past, I would often turn to Roger Ebert’s reviews because I always found that he had a beautiful way of putting things, often expressing feelings I would have later in a way I never could have. I also like to turn to the New Yorker’s movie review for much the same reason. However, since the passing of Roger Ebert I have searched around for some other sources. YouTube is a weird and often wonderful place and it is here that I have found my movie reviewing spirit animal.


Jeremy Jahns, who runs a channel exclusively dedicated to reviewing movies, tv shows, trailers, and video games, is this person. I just… never disagree with him. Maybe once and a while I like something a little more than he did or dislike something even more but… for the most part we are in sync. Singing together in four part harmony must be next. His reviews are professional but also often hilarious. He is down to earth but still very much knows what he is talking about. I never would have gone to see some movies if he hadn’t given them such favorable reviews. I watched Looper because he loved it. And then I loved it. It is entirely possible he is controlling me remotely through some form of hypnosis, but I am cool with it. I get to enjoy some really great movies. His latest review on X-Men: Days of Future Past was crazy-favorable. So one can only imagine how excited that makes me. Check this kid out friends. Seriously he is very cool and very worth your time.


Here are some of my personal favorites:

Jeremy’s Dollhouse review, his Firefly review and his Skyfall review.


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