Thursday at the MFA

May 16, 2014

Dear Reader,

Alright. The week of Whedon has been interrupted by other life things. I haven’t even managed to get through all of Firefly this week. However, I did spend all afternoon strolling around the Museum of Fine Arts. I have managed to live here for many months without making my way down there, even though it is easy to get there, free for BC students to get in, and full of really gorgeous things to see and do. The most important part of that sentence is this: FREE FOR STUDENTS. If you are a student in a Boston area school, you get in free. You also get a 10% discount in the store because you are treated as a member. One of the things I love to buy at museum stores is those little postcard prints. They are fairly cheap and you get to take home a miniature of the things you loved while you strolled. Unfortunately the MFA has very very few of them. Sadness. But I bought a few impressionist ones, which I will share with you.

3c7bcf5c8ffc840868514ba05055f8bcSome lovely Renoir…

d92500d9f75a9d7aabd38d262a436431Some more lovely Renoir,


Water Lilies, of course by Monet…

d9260c758569d1e8e9aae9a69a55c136And some more Monet (this is my favorite). All of this got me thinking about adding some art to my bedroom, something that I have been trying to do for some time. I already have a print of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms, something I based my whole color scheme for my room on. But I have one wall space above my bookshelf that I need to use for art purposes. I decided to purchase a print of the last surviving Velasquez nude, known as the Rokeby Venus.

4fb544d9fbc0244bdfbb629c6603a6dbThis painting has quite a history. In 1914 a suffragette attacked the painting with a meat cleaver, severely damaging it. She apparently wanted revenge for the arrest of another suffragette and also to stop men from staring at it all the time. It hangs in the National Gallery in London, where it has been fully restored. It came to my attention when I watched the miniseries Parade’s End, which places one of its main characters in the National Gallery when the mutilation took place.  She later imagines herself as the woman in the painting as she prepares to spend the night with the man she loves.

parades-end-episode-2-damage1With the literary, historical, and artistic elements all present, I thought this would be the right print to hang above my bookshelf. It should arrive next week and I can’t wait 🙂 I hope you enjoy the art my friends and take a trip to the MFA, or your own local museum, and see some for yourself.






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