In Your Eyes

May 11, 2014

Dear Reader,

I am back from my studying cave, have turned in all my finals, taken all my tests, and almost thoroughly recovered from the mindsuck that all of that entailed. So welcome back to The Person I Am Tonight. I promise I won’t completely disappear into a cave again for at least another six months or so.

As a reward for getting through the last couple of weeks I have declared this week Joss Whedon week. Joss is one of my favorite writers, directors, producers, composers, tweeters, people etc. so there could be nothing more enjoyable story-wise for me than sitting down to pour over some of his stuff. And I would love to take you guys along with me. I am going to keep it to some of his less well-known stuff, so even if I watch¬†The Avengers, which I will most certainly be doing, I probably won’t be reviewing it for you all since I imagine you’ve heard of it about a million times.


I want to start us off by talking about In Your Eyes. Not the Peter Gabriel song, mind you, but the new movie out on Vimeo for all to see (for the low low price of $5). It is a movie written by Joss and directed by Brin Hill. Bellwether Pictures, which Joss and his wife Kai Cole created and head, is partly responsible for this gem. So, as you can see, this is one that Joss has been pretty closely tied to.

So about the movie: It is pretty low-budget, pretty sappy, and pretty wonderful. It is Joss Whedon at his absolute sappiest. The story is a pretty simple one: A guy and a girl realize that they can see and feel what each other are seeing and feeling. He lives in New Mexico, she lives in New Hampshire and their lives are basically polar opposites.



She (Rebecca) is fragile and considered not too mentally stable by her doctor husband and he (Dylan) is an ex-con who keeps almost slipping back into prison. They fall in love, duh. And it is absolutely wonderful and will (hopefully) make you dance around your bedroom and cheer. That was my reaction, at least. The movie plays off this idea that some people feel as though there is a sort of presence in their lives, that the person that they are ultimately going to love is with them even though they haven’t met yet. The movie riffs off of that idea and uses the supernatural aspects of being able to literally see through someone else’s eyes as metaphor.



The results are, in my opinion, really great. I particularly love how we spend the whole movie watching this love story unfold and the two characters are barely ever in the same room together. The actors have to act out pretty much every scene without anyone to play off of, and their ability to do that and be really great astonishes me. But- a warning- check your cynicism at the door. And don’t expect that the supernatural is going to be explained or even that it will really bother the two main characters. As Dylan says when wondering why this happened to them or why it happened now… “Why not?”

Here is the trailer, check it out and see what you think.

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