Free Comics and Sunshine

May 5, 2014

Dear Reader,

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and I decided to take a break from these weeks of concerted typing effort and walk the two miles or so up to Coolidge Corner where New England Comics lives.1958201_10202195573790695_4601265692692616538_n

The place was happily packed to the gills with happy comic lovers and Lana del Rey was crooning about her Summertime Sadness from the speakers. I found the Neil Gaiman Black Orchid series, which I had been looking for and then (after I treated myself to lunch at Panera) I went on to Brookline Booksmith, my personal favorite independent bookstore in Boston.10303363_10202195573830696_7965699872655330453_n

There I proceeded to buy far too many books for my own good, including the Emile Zola novel that The Paradise is based on. Also Dead Souls because… summer beach read? On the way home I picked up some orange tulips and carried them home to remind me that spring sunshine is just a week’s worth of papers away 🙂10171110_10202195573910698_479947857309198046_n

Stay strong my friends.10277706_10202195573870697_5780962225986794367_n


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