Seven Mimosas… er Brides

April 16, 2014

Dear Reader,

Did you ever spend a snow day or a weekend watching Turner Classic Movies when you were younger? I went through a very educational period in my life where I did pretty much nothing but that. My mom and I taped (because taping was still a thing) some great movies so that we could watch them whenever we wanted. How far movie watching has come! But the point of my nostalgia is this: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.



I watched that movie a hundred times when I was younger. I loved the dancing, the music, the romance (which is a little problematic from a feminist perspective but hey, it’s still great), Howard Keel’s red beard, the hilarious lyrics to songs like “Bless Your Beautiful Hide” and “Lonesome Polecat.” So the other day I was talking to one of my friends about all the daffodils that are out and she started singing a song about daffodils from Calamity Jane (another favorite). That also has Howard Keel in it, so it was an easy hop to talking about Seven Brides. 


We found out that another friend of ours loves it and thus: movie night. We gathered, we ordered Chinese food from O Yummy, my absolute favorite Brighton/Allston chinese takeout place, and made mimosas. These mimosas were courtesy of Pinterest, which gave me the recipe for mimosas with sorbet instead of orange juice.


We mixed mango sorbet with our champagne, toasted, and sang along. There might also have been some dancing. But how can you help it when this is going on?


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