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December 30, 2015

Dear Reader,

The Memory Palace is an extraordinary podcast, one I have written about for this blog before. In case you didn’t check them out I am offering you a perfect opportunity to do so. Nate DiMeo has produced a special episode of the podcast about a new permanent installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Galery 742-TPIAT

In the Met they have these special rooms that are re-creations of famous rooms from different periods. They added a new room recently, known as the Rockfeller-Worsham Dressing Room, or gallery 742. The exhibition is open through May 1st, 2016 and the room will be there forever. I will be taking a trip this January to NYC to see the exhibit and will stand in it listening to this episode.Gallery 742-TPIATBecause… this episode is a very special creation. The Memory Palace always provides a fascinating story, a slice of American lore that is at all times disturbing, touching, emotionally overwhelming, and totally absorbing. He has a way of making big stories seem intimate and tiny stories seem massively important. This episode is a perfect example of that. He tells the story of the woman who owned this dressing room, the woman who was at one point the richest woman in America. Her name was Arabella Worsham and she was beautiful and clever and totally mysterious and Nate DiMeo brings her to life by narrating the story of her boudoir and dressing room. Gallery 742-TPIATHere is my suggestion: Go see this exhibit and listen to this episode. Stand there in her room and listen to Nate DiMeo bring her to life. If you can’t make the trip, then listen to it anyway. It is a great introduction to the podcast and a pretty lovely creation.

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