Weekend with Mommy

November 24, 2015

Dear Reader,

Thanksgiving is fast approaching so I decided to try and get some family time in before this wonderful holiday is swallowed by rampant consumerism. My mom came up for the weekend and we tore up the town. Well, we tore up the town in a very Kathleen-approved way. First, we went and got some crepes at Paris.Weekend With Mommy- TPIATWe moseyed on down to my new favorite coffee shop, 4A, and grabbed some of the best coffee in Boston. Without a doubt this is the best coffee I have had since I became aware that coffee was necessary to my continued health and happiness.

We hit the Booksmith, grabbed some Irish History…Weekend With Mommy- TPIATThen hit up Newbury Street for some really necessary dress purchases…Weekend With Mommy- TPIATEveryone needs a Scottish tweed dress right? I can wander onto the set of Outlander at any point now. We next went to the MFA, where we tried to shotgun as much of it as possible before it closed. Weekend With Mommy- TPIATThe new special exhibition there is a pretty fantastic survey of Dutch painting in the time of Rembrandt and Vermeer. The Vermeers are, of course, exquisite. The exhibit is well-curated and informative and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reason to head to the MFA. Weekend With Mommy- TPIATOn Sunday we went to Russell House Tavern and ate what has been described to me as the best burger in Cambridge. It came on an English muffin and was smokey and delicious. After some pick-me-up lattes we went to the Harvard Museums.http://russellhousecambridge.com/Exquisite, of course. Add to all this a night of bingeing John Oliver episodes and it was a pretty freaking great weekend. This should, of course, be a time of family love and togetherness and I am happy to have had a weekend of that.

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