The Devil in the White City

October 14, 2015

Dear Reader,

I haven’t really left my house to do anything but work in about a week. This makes blogging to you sort of difficult. I haven’t done anything besides work, read, and watch Bernie Sanders say pretty words in that wonderful accent of his. Despite this, I want to say hello and at least give you something interesting. So here is a taste of what I’ve been reading.

The Devil in the White Citydevil-in-the-white-city-book-review-powerpoint-5-638

Erik Larson has recently published a new book about the Lusitania. This is the perfect time, therefore, for you to read his most acclaimed work, The Devil in the White City. I have a hard time getting into nonfiction for some reason so it took me a few tries to stick with this book. Now that I am about halfway in, I couldn’t be happier that I have. Larson juxtaposes the gargantuan efforts of the men who created the Chicago World’s Fair with the horrific murders perpetrated by H.H. Holmes, widely considered the first American serial killer, during that same period. I was already fascinated by serial killers but this book has made me even more so. I highly recommend you check it out.

I’ll have more for you on Friday… probably. I promise to do interesting things again soon.

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