September 30, 2015

Dear Reader,

My discovery of new podcasts never ceases, and never shall until there is no more battery life left in my iphone. Today, I want to tell you about Lore. Ever since… well ever since I was very young and somehow got my hands on the real Grimm versions of some of my favorite fairytales, I have been interested in the darkness behind these stories. This podcast is all about exploring that darkness. Lore- TPIAT

Aaron Mahnke, the author, writes supernatural thriller novels and uses that background to tell some really amazing stories. The subjects of his podcasts range from the origin of the first American vampire to the last witch burning. http://thepersoniamtonight.com/the-memory-palace/He tells us about the hotel that inspired The Shining, the asylum that inspired HP Lovecraft, and the first American serial killer. Beyond that, he talks about Norse mythology, Greek mythology, fairy tales and the like. He is just an amazing storyteller, reminding me somewhat of the man who does the podcast The Memory Palace.http://thepersoniamtonight.com/the-memory-palace/Check it out my friends. It will brighten up your rainy Wednesday.

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