September 29, 2015

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was my semi-day off, which should have made it easy to get a blog post out. But instead I just slept the whole day and binge watched Gotham. I hope you will forgive me and accept a Tuesday blog post instead.

Sunday night I met up with my lovely lady friends to try out Grassfed in JP. Grassfed- TPIATA small burger joint just around the corner from Jamaica Pond, Grassfed markets themselves as a  “A burger joint with strong values.” Obviously respectable. They also have strongly delicious burgers. Grassfed- TPIATI like this place for a couple of reasons. First, the burgers are fresh and creative. Second, the fries are just potatoey enough for my taste. Third, they are located right on Centre Street in the middle of super cool JP. My friends and I grabbed our burgers, walked the block to Jamaica Pond, and sat to watch the sun set. Grassfed- TPIATMy friend Sara and I split the Blue Devil burger, laced liberally with blue cheese, and the Guinness Burger.Grassfed- TPIATThat is steamed in Guinness and has bacon and caramelized onions on top. We three split a large truffle parm fries with the Grassfed special sauce and cilantro lime mayo on the side.Grassfed- TPIATThere are some times when I wish that I could just keep eating my meal forever, and this was one of those occasions. The burgers were really heavenly, although if you like yours rare then this isn’t the place for you. They only cook to medium or medium well, which suited me fine. Grassfed- TPIATAnd what a lovely view this was. This is why I love Jamaica Plain and really need to spend more time here- there is a great combination of green space and urban amenities. Tiny independent bookshops, the Harvard Arboretum, the original JP Licks, big victorian houses… I could see myself happily living there. But more than anything, it was nice to spend some time with good friends, good food, and beautiful views. I hope you visit soon.

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