Brunching at the Beagle

March 16, 2015

Dear Reader,

Alright. If you live in the Brighton/Brookline area you probably know and have raved about the Regal Beagle for many a moon now. But I JUST experienced its wonderful tastiness for the first time and I have to rave a little bit about it. Bear with me.Brunching at the Beagle- The Person I Am Tonight

That right there is their brunch menu and my friend Anna and I agonized a bit over what to choose. After telling the waiter we wanted everything he joked that he might need to bring us a bigger table. Lack of space on table and in stomach is all that stopped me from sampling everything on this menu. Instead I went for the pancakes, which were sublime in a way this terrible (for some odd reason) picture cannot quite capture.Brunching at the Beagle- The Person I Am TonightMy hand must have been shaking with desire or something. There are cinnamony apples and sweetly encrusted pecans sliding around in whipped cream and real maple syrup. The pancakes were fluffy and perfect in every way.

Anna went for the pancetta and sweet potato hash after a rave review from the waiter turned her in that direction. She seemed intensely happy with her decision.Brunching at the Beagle- The Person I Am Tonight

I had to have my earl grey, of course. And obligatorily had to photograph its steaming loveliness.Brunching at the Beagle- The Person I Am Tonight

It was the best brunch I’ve had in Boston and was really quite reasonably priced. We waited for only about ten minutes for a table and the decor is cosy and dramatic. I give it my highest recommendation. As for the rest of my Sunday, well I decided despite the snow that tipped us over into record-breaking territory that I would bring in a bit of spring. Stella seemed to agree that it was time.Brunching at the Beagle- The Person I Am Tonight


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