My Superbowl with Marilyn

February 4, 2015

Dear Reader,

This Sunday Marilyn Monroe and I watched the Superbowl together, marveling at the ads filled with puppies and children and Jeff Bridges, drooling over Katy Perry at the halftime show, and hanging our heads in grief when the Seahawks didn’t run that last play.The Person I Am Tonight- My Superbowl With Marilyn

We were at my friend Laura’s apartment. She is an ardent Seahawks fan, so her despair was quite beyond any of ours. We ate tater tots and fried mac and cheese to comfort ourselves.The Person I Am Tonight- My Superbowl With Marilyn

It’s been a good long while since I have had so many scrumptious appetizers. It turns out the trick to a good Superbowl is a glass of wine, the apps section at Trader Joes, and a special appearance by Missy Elliott. Happy Wednesday loves! I hope you are having fun scrambling over the slush piles.

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