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July 2015

Lone Star Brunch

July 22, 2015

Dear Reader,

What happens when a restaurant known for making absolutely kick-ass tacos, guacamole, and ceviche decides to try their hand at brunch? Lone Star Taco Bar serves up the most unique brunch I have had the pleasure of tasting in my fine city and I am here to recommend it most heartily. You might want to bring your own flask of milk to cool your fiery tongue, but it will be worth it. But let me start from the beginning:

The girls and I met up on a recent Saturday to celebrate my 24th birthday. There are few places I would rather do so than at Lone Star, which has the best tacos I’ve ever eaten- hands down. I reviewed them before and raved about the food, although the service and wait time left a bit to be desired. Thankfully all that was cured when I went at noon on a Saturday instead of eight on a Thursday night. The place was humming pleasantly with people but there were empty seats and we sat right under the stuffed buffalo head and perused the menu.Lone Star Taco BarSome tips for doing this right: Order everything and share. It is a small menu, as you can see, and everything is going to be delicious. If it says you can add chorizo then take them up on that. We ordered everything on the menu except the Huevos Rancheros, which I have gotten before and the breakfast taco- oddly enough. It looked good but we were all in the mood for something a little more adventurous. Hence blood sausage.Lone Star Taco BarI don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of knowing what blood sausage actually was until this point. It is basically sausage made of congealed blood and it does not sound appetizing in the slightest. It was the best thing we tasted all day and probably the best thing I have had at Lone Star. It does not have a weird texture, instead feeling something like really tender meat. It was spiced and savory and mixed with the salsa verde and runny egg…. I was drooling all over Sara’s plate. Thankfully, my own food arrived soon so she could eat hers in peace.Lone Star Taco BarJalapeno Corn Cakes. They are exactly what they sound/look like. They are very spicy and also very wonderful. I felt like my mouth was on fire but I just kept going back for more because the sweetness of the corn and maple syrup kept drawing me back in. A hearty portion for a small price and a great rustic texture made these babies well worth the burning mouth. I couldn’t just get that, of course. This is a food review after all. I had to order more- for science.Lone Star Taco BarSo I got the Papas Con Chorizo, which is potatoes and chorizo- nothing fancy. I ate it with gusto and it was hearty and rich and lovely. I ended up saving some of it for next day’s breakfast and it tasted even better after a night of celebration and merriment. All of this is my long-winded, well-documented way of saying that Lone Star’s rep for producing food porn worthy dishes has not diminished. You can order their full menu during brunch time as well, so the middle of the day is a great non-busy time to sample all of their gustatory delights. Their was also alcohol on hand- some mimosas, bloody mary’s and the usual but I didn’t imbibe as I was too busy sucking down coffee like it was the nectar of the gods.

Happy Wednesday all- it is officially three weeks today until I jet off for England and travel blog the hell out of that strange little island. Can’t wait to share it all with you.

Foggy California

July 20, 2015

Dear Reader,

Last time we talked I mentioned I was heading to sunny California for the first time. Well I am here to tell you that it was very beautiful, impressive, and memorable. But rarely sunny. The fog hung dramatically around the tops of the massive redwoods, obscuring all vistas and often causing my heart to take up residence in my throat as we wended our way through the winding roads.Foggy CaliforniaSo there was some sun- and some beautiful flowers. There was even enough for a pool party on a hot July Sunday. And there were wonderful old friends to be met.K+A 4-everI was there for the wedding of a good friend from college. She planned the most beautiful wedding, making the whole place smell like lavender and twinkle with candlelight. I was happy to be a part of it.

Small note- my dress is from Banana Republic, where I have been working and wildly over-indulging in the discount. They have really changed their aesthetic and I encourage you to check it out. I have certainly been happy with all my new pieces. Happy Monday all! Glad to be back with you again.


The Memory Palace

July 8, 2015

Dear Reader,

I like to listen to podcasts while I walk around Boston so I am always looking for some unique channels. For some time I have been listening to The Allusionist, a UK based podcast that explores the origins and influences of words. Words as diverse as bra, pride, and the c-bomb are explored every two weeks in a fifteen minute podcast. I have really been enjoying it- but two weeks is a long time to wait for a new episode when I am walking every day. So I found The Memory Palace. Helen Zaltzman, who does The Allusionist, recommended it. I am so very glad that she did. The Allusionist

The Memory Palace is a history-based podcast that presents strange and moving stories that have mostly been lost to history. How did the world react to the invention of the first ferris wheel? Did you know that someone was recruited to babysit the first ever nuclear bomb? Have you heard of the religion of John Frum or the spiritualism of the Fox sisters? Nate DiMeo will tell you. The stories are moving, strange, and occasionally glorious. And at around five minutes an episode, they are easy to throw on whenever you need a distraction. Memory Palace

I love podcasts because I always feel like I am filling up empty space in my day. Instead of just walking with my own thoughts, which tends to make me overthink those thoughts, I can listen to something new. I feel like I am packing a little more living into my time. I encourage you to check out The Memory Palace- start at any episode, as they don’t build on each other, but I highly encourage you to listen to them all.

I hope you are enjoying this July Wednesday. I am headed to a wedding this weekend in California, so I will have some great photos of NoCal to share 🙂

Church on Sunday

July 6, 2015

Dear Reader,

On Sunday, I went to Church. And let me tell you- the cocktail were divine. Church on Sunday- The Person I Am TonightChurch is a rad little restaurant in Fenway that serves a pretty good brunch menu. My friends and I met there on Sunday to drink bloody marys and catch up and eat lots of carbs. The place was quiet, with fairly leisurely service and pretty decent prices. It has a nice atmosphere and tables outside if you are looking for a little sunshine with your tequila. We sat inside and enjoyed the irreverent atmosphere. When it came time for food, I went for the pancakes, which  is my brunch default. These were covered in strawberry chutney, though, which made them pretty damn delicious.Church on Sunday- The Person I Am TonightSome candied walnuts, whipped cream, and a side of maple sausages and I am a happy woman. My friends had pretty much the rest of the brunch menu, including breakfast tacos, french toast, and a lovely bowl of eggs and sausage and all that nonsense.Church on Sunday- The Person I Am TonightLook at that brioche. It is like three french toasts in one.Church on Sunday- The Person I Am TonightWe lingered long over our meal, chatting it up and getting excited for the women’s world cup final later that day. By now you should know that they absolutely won a lot, something we celebrated with a lot of cheese, crackers, prosciutto, and cookies. All in all, a pretty amazing Sunday. I might not have made it to church this week but Church was well worth the visit. There is also a club attached, which I will absolutely have to check out. Happy Monday all. Stay inside, I hear it is going to be a scorcher.

Hangover Truffles

July 1, 2015

Dear Reader,

These are called Hangover Truffles (to get that out of the way) because I gave them to someone who had just performed beautifully in a play while hungover and she bit into it and said it cured her hangover instantly. Or something like that. It was many years ago, but the name stuck.Hangover Truffles- The Person I Am TonightI am not sure where I got this recipe, but it is so easy I felt the need to share it. Take a pack of lowfat oreos. Yes, those do exist. Grind the whole pack in a food processor or hearty blender and then add a block of lowfat cream cheese. Mix until nice and blendy. Put in the fridge for an hour+ so the dough gets cold and easy to work with.Hangover Truffles- The Person I Am TonightMelt some chocolate and roll the dough into truffle-sized balls (so as big or small as you want, but preferably round). Take two forks and dip each one in the melted chocolate, making sure it covers the whole truffle. Set on a cookie sheet and put them whole thing in the fridge for another hour when done. Hangover Truffles- The Person I Am TonightTake them out and try not to eat nine of them one after the other. I doubt you will succeed. I don’t know if these can really cure hangovers, but they are certainly amazing. Happy Wednesday friends. Hope the chocolate helps.