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June 2015

A Bagel Weekend

June 22, 2015

Dear Reader,

Last weekend I decided to finally check out the bagel joint up in Cambridge that I have been musing on for over a year. I heard about it a while ago when it opened up a location up near Porter Square, but have been very lazy about getting up there. It is called Bagelsaurus and I heard that it was the place to go for the best bagels in Boston. Now I have also heard that about Kupel’s Bakery in Coolidge Corner, which I have been to many a time. I decided it was time to pit them against each other.A Bagel Weekend-The Person  I Am TonightOn a warm Saturday afternoon I headed up to Porter Square and grabbed the T-Rex, a bagel sandwich with bananas, almond butter, honey, and bacon. The bacon really made this a winner. It was like a classic peanut butter and banana sandwich punched up. The bagels are a little chewier than the ones at Kupel’s, but not in a bad way. One of my favorite things was the cucumber lemonade:A Bagel Weekend-The Person  I Am TonightIt was really refreshing and, paired with a great book, made the afternoon really pleasant. On Sunday I headed to Kupel’s to see how it compared. Even though I go there fairly often and have tried almost everything on the menu, I figured it would be good to check them out again.A Bagel Weekend-The Person  I Am TonightMy go-to there is the Harvard Ave. It consists of walnut-honey cream cheese and strawberry jam. I sat in front of the Brookline Booksmith and slowly enjoyed one of my favorite non-boozy brunches. I obviously have no verdict on which place is better. I recommend you check out both and then go to the one that is closest to you. They are both great places if you are looking for a wonderful bagel sandwich. But be aware- Kupel’s is closed on Saturdays and Bagelsaurus is closed on Mondays. Don’t get caught without bagels. Happy Monday to all!

Sweet Cheeks

June 15, 2015

Dear Reader,

I finally checked out Sweet Cheeks, a Texas-style barbecue joint in Fenway. I have a couple of friends who work there so a couple of my other friends and I decided to head down and catch the women’s game against Sweden while we ate our faces off. And oh boy did we eat our faces off.Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightThe menu is fairly simple: meat and fattening carbs. And for a Friday night after a hard week it had the best menu in town. The food is pretty fantastic and the portions are huge. Prepare to take some home and definitely wear something comfy and possibly with an elastic waistband. First thing you have to get when you go is the biscuits. Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightI had already eaten mine by the time I remembered to take this picture, so I only got the corner of Sara’s. But they are light, fluffy, and gigantic. The real star, however, is this butter in front of you. It is honey butter and tastes exactly like you’d expect it to taste. These were basically a meal in themselves, but well worth it.Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightThe cocktails are pretty good. Mine had hints of molasses, which really gave it an oddly appealing flavor.¬†Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightThis is all just foreplay, of course. Now we have the main event. You can order trays of several different kinds of barbecue. They provide you with three sauces to choose from that they make themselves, so your meal doesn’t come already saturated, which I appreciate. I chose to masticate the pulled pork on texas toast with a side of potato salad (look at all that delicious dill) and mac and cheese.Sweet Cheeks- The Person I Am TonightTake another look at that mac and cheese. Doesn’t that look ridiculously good? It was pretty freaking delicious. I didn’t have room for dessert, not did I finish everything. Bring your appetite to this place. Not only are the portions generous, but you will want to eat all of it. It is a bit expensive, but as I said, it is basically two meals worth of food. It gets really busy on weekends and anytime there is a Red Sox game, so plan ahead or make a reservation. Check it out friends, it will not disappoint.



Peach Pancakes and Naked Ladies

June 8, 2015

Dear Reader,

This has been a slightly overwhelming week for a myriad of reasons. I’ve been applying for jobs all up and down the length of Boston, something that should be exciting but is a bit too tedious for my level of patience. Still, every time I finish an application I try to think about how that job could change my current state. Additionally, every thing has been shaken up here by graduation season. A lot of my friends have taken jobs in other states, gone on to PhD programs in other areas, or gone back to their hometowns. Feeling a bit lonely has made it easy to just hunker down in my apartment and read and clean. But, once again, this blog has helped pull me out of that.

Today I wanted to have something marginally interesting to share, so I made pancakes on Sunday morning. I know I have you glued to your screens already. Here let me try a picture:10931136_10204673965748945_5771171737895913716_nThat might look like too many peaches. But it was exactly the right amount of peaches if you are me, and are in love with them. This might seem a bit underwhelming in the excitement department, but I got up and made myself brunch, sat at a table (and not in front of the tv) and took time to enjoy the morning. So I am happy about it.

I headed out to the MFA later on in the day to see the new Leonardo da Vinci and Hokusai exhibits. It being Sunday, this was actually an absurd thing to do. The whole place was packed wall to wall. I ducked out and wandered around the less populated areas. I stumbled upon the Herb Ritts exhibit and spent some time enjoying his incredible photography. Here are some of my favorites:Herb-Ritts-0062000_854_sc191304_4x3_cropherb-ritts-tatjana-veiled-head-joshua-tree-1988bHerb-Ritts-005He had a talent for taking beautiful people and showing their gravitas and significance. It is worth a trip to the MFA just to see this exhibit. If you want to see the da Vinci or the Hokusai, try a weekday. Happy Monday friends, I hope your week is lovely.



My Museum Month

June 3, 2015

Dear Reader,

I have spent the last month recovering from exams and basking in the carefully lit glow of Rothkos, Renoirs, and Pollocks. I spent some time in D.C., New York, and of course my dear Boston wandering through every art gallery and museum I could find. My compatriot and I practically walked our respective feet off but it was well worth it.

The first museum I want to tell you about it likely the most relevant to most of my readers. The Fogg, Busch-Reisinger, and Arthur M. Sackler (or the Harvard Art Museums as most probably know them), is one of the best museums I have ever had the pleasure of moseying through. I’ll give you some photos of some of my favorites, just to wet your appetites.

My Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy favorite thing about the museum is how they use the surrounding buildings as a backdrop for much of their art. Cambridge is so old and lovely and full of red brick (and a Corbusier building nbd) that it provides a stunning addition to what the museum holds.My Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightMy Museum Month- The Person I Am TonightThe museum is amazing. It is one of the most pleasing and harmonious museums I have ever seen, evidence that great care and thought have gone into every inch of it. If you are a student it is only a 10r and there is a Rothko exhibit right now that you should most definitely check out. Happy Wednesday friends. I am glad to be back with you again.