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April 2015

Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle

April 13, 2015

Dear Reader,

Sunday was 68 degrees my dear friends. Sundresses were donned, paths were trod, espresso was sipped in a JP cafe.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

Where better to spend the day than in the Arnold Arboretum? Winding paths, hills, streams alongside paths covered in rhododendron-budded branches… This is where I chose to spend my Sunday.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

The arboretum is well worth a visit, if a bit hard to get to. It is at the very tail end of the Orange Line but I suggest you do as I did and get off at Heath Street on the Green Line, then walk a leisurely hour through the heart of JP, stop for coffee along the way, and arrive in plenty of time to wander over the whole expanse without having to touch the Orange Line. After a gorgeous day there, dinner called me and my companion back to Coolidge Corner. I’ve now done brunch, lunch, and dinner at the Regal Beagle and each was a slightly different experience- yet all were incredibly delicious. Yesterday, however, was truly something. We basically ordered everything that was steeped in butter. We began with gnocchi with prosciutto and scallions.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

We had coctails- The Aviation for him and sangria for me.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

He had a lamb ragout that was absurd in its deliciousness.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

I had mac and cheese because I am wholly unoriginal and totally predictable (but there was truffle oil!).Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

We were way too full for dessert (first time for everything) but some after dinner cocktails sealed up the evening.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

And then I bought six books. What can I say? A few cocktails and I have no moderation… drunk bookshopping is not for the faint of heart.Cocktails and Butter at the Beagle-The Person I Am Tonight

Monks vs. Zombies

April 8, 2015

Dear Reader,

Easter is past with all its relaxing dog petting and food eating in front of HGTV. I am back having read the entirety of The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco and having watched the first three episodes of iZombie. So here are my Wednesday recommendations:

The Name of the Rose: This book is about an investigative monk and his innocent sidekick trying to solve a spate of murders in a 14th century monastery. There is also a huge library built to be an unbeatable labyrinth and lots and lots of corruption and religious debate. The book is full of shivery and very erudite and better people than I have reviewed it in far more detail and with far more skill. All I will say is check it out, I thoroughly enjoyed it.Monks vs. Zombies- The Person I Am Tonight

iZombie: Do not be fooled by this show’s placement on the CW. The comic-book inspired series boasts some snappy writing and some forays into darkness that can be found in a CW show but are more often buried beneath beautiful people being sexy with each other. The show is about a zombie who still retains her original intelligence and personality as long as she has a steady supply of brains, thus her job working in the morgue where no one misses the tasty morsels she consumes. The show takes a cool turn, though. When she eats a brain she absorbs some of the brain’s memories and characteristics. Basically: eat an artist and remember the beautiful woman he was having an affair with while you paint a passionate canvas. That sort of thing. This leads her to help solve the murders of some of the less lucky denizens of her slab. This show was unexpectedly good and it just started so you can get in at the ground floor. Check it out.Monks vs. Zombies- The Person I Am Tonight

Well, have a good Wednesday friends. I hope that helps get you over the hump.