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January 2015

Some MFA Wanderings

January 21, 2015

Dear Reader,

On our Monday holiday (I hope you had it off too) I decided to take a long walk from my apartment to the MFA. I’ve become familiar enough with the layout and the content that I can flit from favorite to favorite, meandering easily throughout the rooms. It was Free Day at the MFA and there was an actual line out the door to get a free ticket. I get in for free anyway as a student in the Boston area, so this was not a great day to go. Everyone and their small child was there touching the Egyptian hieroglyphs and setting off alarm after alarm. But it is the MFA. If you like going there, even a million people crowding around the naked Impressionist butt painting can’t really ruin the fun. So to include you in that day I took a bunch of pictures of my favorites. If you want to follow the way I went around, start in the Sargent gallery and work your way through the American section, through the the European, into the Ancient Greek and Roman, back into the great big hall, into Impressionism, then Modern, then bookstore for some postcards, then home. Pick up some Panera before you catch the D line home because there is nothing like Panera mac and cheese after a long day of wandering through galleries.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightMy favorite MFA lady- who I swear looks like someone alive currently. I can never figure out who.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightThis one is all about the dress. Such a great dress.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightThere’s something about the combination of girl and tree here that is absurdly sensual and sweet.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightThis is the same model as the previous one, dancing the tarantella. So sexy.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightI love the play of light in this painting.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightOmygoodness a teacup.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightThis is in my favorite room in the MFA. All Boston inspired works or works by Boston artists.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightMeta-MFA.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightNaked ladies being really pale.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightTallest lady in the place.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightA cloth version of another very tall lady.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightModern coolness.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightCouture and protest combine to make art.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightMod art selfie with the coolest piece up there.Some MFA Wanderings- The Person I Am TonightHuge beaded curtain that made the best rustling noises.

And those are some of my favorites. I hope you find some of your own favorites at a museum near you. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon. Happy Wednesday!

The Best of the Best American

January 14, 2015

Dear Reader,

Have you become acquainted with the Best American Series? I know I have mentioned them before, but allow me to mention them some more. The series is published annually and pulls from pieces of fiction and non-fiction published within a calendar year. I have already mentioned I am reading Best American Travel Writing 2014…The Best of the Best American- The Person I Am TonightBut there are a whole lot more Best Americans you should check out. There’s Best American Mystery Stories…The Best of the Best American- The Person I Am TonightBest American Essays…The Best of the Best American- The Person I Am TonightBest American Sports Writing…The Best of the Best American- The Person I Am TonightYou get the idea. Not only are these pieces of American writing that have been published recently (so you can feel super hip on who is hot in letters these days), but they are also a collection of works you would have to hunt around to find otherwise. The pieces are pulled from publications all over the literary world. So in case you couldn’t subscribe to The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker… etc etc etc all at once (poor grad students hearken to my words), this is a great way to read the best of the best. My personal favorite of all of these, though, is The Best American Non-Required Reading…The Best of the Best American- The Person I Am TonightThis is a collection compiled by a bunch of students in a San Francisco basement who sift through the most random and the most lovely from the year previous. So you get some really great works in some very unusual forms. This is work you probably would not have read anywhere else and sitting down with this for an evening is not only educative, it is such a varied and spontaneous collection that you can never get tired of it. So check these out my lovely friends. It is a great way to catch up on 2014 before 2015 advances too far. Happy Wednesday!

Last First Days

January 12, 2015

Dear Reader,

It is possible that today will be my last first day as a student. It is a strange feeling for me, since I have been having first days of school for my entire remembered life. To mark the occasion there will need to be red lipstick, a book too heavy to be comfortably carried in my bag, a lack of sleep, and whole lot of earl grey.

So, business as usual. Whether this is your last first day too or just another Monday in January, I hope you have a list of things to look forward to from the new semester, month, year, week etc. Here is what I am pumped for this year:

1.The weather has to get somehow warmer and the days absolutely will be getting longer no matter what. Which means eventually my fitband-inspired walks will not be so shivery. Eventually. Boston will one day look like this again:Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

2.The new season of Pretty Little Liars has BEGUN. We have learned that Spencer knows how to fashion a shiv at a moment’s notice and that A can control fireworks just like V. WHAT CAN BE NEXT?Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

3.The new season of House of Cards will be here at the end of February. FEBRUARY I SAY. That is so much sooner than I could have ever expected or hoped for in my wildest Frank Underwood loving dreams.Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

4. The least realistic erotica novel ever written is coming to the big screen on Valentine’s Day. My friends and I have already claimed each other for steak and martinis at Applebee’s followed by that quality cinematic experience. So menfolk- I know you want us but sorry we are busy watching strangers getting busy.Last First Days- The Person I Am Tonight

5. Financial independence. I want it. I am striving for it. That, and an understanding of how Lipton can get away with putting “America’s Favorite Tea” on all their packaging. That’s supposed to be an insult, right?

Getting Fit

January 9, 2015

Dear Reader,

There isn’t much worth going outside for on these cold cold days. However, I got the Jawbone Up24 fitband for Christmas and I love it a lot. It is like a gym coach that is also your mother and a really sympathetic version of Siri all mixed into one.Getting Fit- The Person I Am Tonight

It’s lovely. But it is also a tyrant. I take the stairs, walk the long way around, and occasionally pace up and down my bedroom in order to get the last few steps in. I think it is possible that this is the thing that is going to get me right to the place I want to be. I highly recommend this particular one and fitbands in general. They are getting a lot less expensive and Jawbone, for one, has a pretty decent sale going on right  now.

The best thing about having it is that I just… have to go out. And it is freezing right now, of course. I don’t have a gym membership so I have to get my steps in outside. And why is that the best? I have gotten every errand that has been nagging the back of my mind for months now completely done. I sleep like a top because I’m physically worn out at the end of the day. And even though it has only been two weeks, I have seen results.10933852_10203733705363023_2639090770269926942_n

An added bonus: I would have missed a lot of beautiful views and listened to a whole lot less music this week if I hadn’t had this to compel me out into the frigid outdoors. So feel virtuous and get in shape my friends. Resolutions are worth keeping.

Back in Boston

January 5, 2015

Dear Reader,

I am back in Boston and full of suggestions, reviews, weird stories, and pictures of fattening food. The blog is getting a server upgrade so it might be intermittently accessible for the next couple of days.

Well Jogolev (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is married and Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. What do we all do now? I guess drown our sorrows in some Nutella hot chocolate from Paris Creperie.Back in Boston- The Person I Am TonightAnd what do we do now that winter is finally showing her face? Well, electric blankets and a good movie come to mind. Try Liberal Arts up on Netflix or Haven (a tv show) also living on Netflix. Both great snuggle in and be warm and entertained thingermabobs.

And if a book is your cup of tea then grab a cup of tea and one of the recently out Best American books (my personal favorite is Best American Travel Writing but there’s something for everyone).

Back in Boston- The Person I Am Tonight


Stay thirsty my friends. And by that I mean not frostbitten. Noses are sexy, don’t let yours turn black.