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August 2014

Boozy Cupcakes

August 26, 2014

Dear Reader,

This weekend, as mentioned in the previous post, was all about the decadent food. So when Gabe suggested this perfect cap to the foodie weekend, I couldn’t resist. This is an Irish Car Bomb Cupcake:

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am TonightIt is the most delicious cupcake I have ever tasted, and far better than any store bought cupcake I’ve ever had. All credit for this recipe goes to Brown Eyed Baker, who has a much more beautiful blog post about it that I do. Check her recipe out at that link if you want to make these yourself. Which you really should.

This is her recipe but I couldn’t resist showing you my experience making it. So I will give you an outline of what Gabe and I did to make these little beauties.

The day started with Kupel’s bagels, so that’s why there is randomly lox just hanging out. I needed more to fuel my new hunger for it.

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am TonightWe bought so much butter. There is so much butter in this recipe. Close your eyes when it comes to the butter, it will make you feel better.Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am TonightStella was on hand to help. And possibly kill us all.

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am TonightSo then we got down to business. Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

Making this gorgeous beyond gorgeous Guinness and chocolate mixture.

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am TonightThen you whip everything together and make standard cupcakes, although the Guinness makes them better I think.

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

I got to lick up any part that spilled over. Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

Then, once they are baked you take the centers out (be sure to eat those too) and fill the center with a chocolate ganache that has whiskey in it. We used Trader Joe’s Scotch because it’s all we had. But I, personally, think that just enhanced the deliciousness.

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am Tonight

The icing right after I dumped a nip full of hazelnut Bailey’s in it. I might have saved the remaining icing to eat later. At midnight.

Boozy Cupcakes- The Person I Am TonightAnd you end up with this. Brown Eyed Baker’s look much much prettier than mine. But these tasted ridiculously amazing so I was happy. I threw a party just to give them to people. And when my friends bit into theses babies…. I think I should use these to bribe people. Would totally work.

So if you have a spare hour, make these beautiful darlings. They are so good, though definitely in the naughty column diet-wise. Happy Wednesday, hope the food porn has made you salivate.

My Weekend Foodie Paradise

August 25, 2014

Dear Reader,

This weekend was a bit of a crazy food-filled one. Diets went flying out the window and inhibitions cowered in the corner. I ate like a queen and traversed all of Boston to find only the best and the most yummiest things to satisfy my palate. Ok that might all be a bit melodramatic. But I did eat some amazing things at some amazing places this weekend and, naturally, instagrammed it all. So here is my foodie weekend and where you need to go to have one yourself.

I kicked it off Friday night in Fenway with one of the best burgers I have found in Boston.

Thornton’s Fenway Grille serves up a pretty mean burger. I got one with Canadian bacon, cheddar, and a good slathering of their truly delectable barbecue sauce.My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightI couldn’t even wait to take a picture before biting into it. The fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just as they should be and they serve a mean fresh squeezed lemonade, for those of us not quite ready for summer to end.

Saturday morning I headed up to Newton Center hoping for a bite of Rosenfeld’s famed bagels. Alas, it was not to be, as they were on vacation for another week. But my compatriot and I were undaunted and found our way to the Deluxe Station Diner right off the Newton Center T stop. There, I had chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries on top and real maple syrup. And a side of bacon, of course. My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightThe place is pretty adorable and pretty great. I took a crazy amount of pictures there, which I will show you all on Wednesday. It has some pretty fun steampunk decor. The food is great. I have had a burger there from their lunch menu before and it was just as great as their breakfast. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a decadent treat.

Having stuffed myself like crazy at breakfast, I was not all that hungry when we wandered through Jamaica Plain, but by the time we hit Cambridge it was all about hitting up Grendel’s. Grendel’s Den is a kind of mostly underground pub right off Harvard Square across from the Shake Shack. The food is pretty good and the drinks are even better. Between 5 and 7 PM every night and 9-11:30 PM Sunday through Thursday their food is half priced if you buy a drink. Which is a pretty great deal if you are trying to eat well on a budget, like me.My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightVegan chili with added cheese and onions, chips on the side to scoop up all the goodness. Perfect transitioning into fall food.

I finished it up on Sunday morning by finally getting to eat some out-of-this-world bagels. Kupel’s is kind of famous in Boston for having amazing bagels. They are a kosher bakery located in Coolidge Corner and on a Sunday morning you will queue outside for a little while, as everyone in the area has caught on to how excellent these are. I haven’t tried any other bagel places in Boston so I can’t say it is the best, but they were pretty amazing.My Weekend Foodie Paradise- The Person I Am TonightI got the Harvard Ave. sandwich, which consisted of honey and walnut cream cheese with jelly. It was just the right amount of sweet and savory all wrapped up in one warm delicious bagely package. I also had my first bite of nova lox… which turns out to be amazing. I think I am going to need to get that from now on. I don’t usually like fish, so I was hesitant. But it was out of this world.

I suggest all of these places to you. I wandered over many parts of the Boston area this weekend, as you can see, so I hope there is a little something for everyone. Happy Monday everyone, I hope the week is kickass.

Living in the Blogging Future

August 22, 2014

Dear Reader,


I have been burrowing myself deeper into the world of blogging, acquainting myself with other bloggers in my area, getting all my social media ducks in a row, and discovering things like Bloglovin and LIKEtoKNOW:IT. I know a lot of you are probably already super savvy about things like this but I thought I would wax a little poetic on the wonderful things they can do. First: Bloglovin.Living in the Blogging Future-The Person I Am TonightBloglovin is basically a blog reader’s dream. I like to be as super organized as possible with my social media because I pretty much do everything… Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc etc. That is a lot to keep up with and when you throw in the blogs that I try to read on the daily it can get very overwhelming. Bloglovin is the perfect solution for all that. You search the name of the blog you like to read, it pops up and you follow it. Voila. It will now appear in a daily newsfeed every time it updates with a new post. You can also see the activity that people you follow are engaging in, so if they like a post or repost it somewhere else, you can see that. You can like posts yourself and then see them again, as they get saved under “Liked Posts.” All very convenient and organized. Living in the Blogging Future-The Person I Am Tonight

All the recent posts are organized neatly if you click on a blog’s page so you can sample before you make your decision to follow. You can also click on “Similar Blogs” to find other things like the blogs you already like. It is a great tool for discovering new blogs, organizing your existing ones, or getting noticed if you have a blog. This blog, as you can see, is on there. And feel free to follow 😉 if you should so desire.Living in the Blogging Future-The Person I Am TonightNow this, I am not cool enough to be on yet. But these lovely ladies you see, are the coolest of the cool. LIKEtoKNOW:IT connects through your Instagram account. Basically if someone you follow is on this site and you are signed up (it’s all free to sign up), then you can see either exactly what they are wearing or something very similar and then can follow a link right to where you can buy any of those items. It is amazing if you are just obsessed with someone’s shoes or dress on Instagram and want it for your own. Living in the Blogging Future-The Person I Am TonightSo if I really want these shoes… then I can buy the exact ones. And be all the more stylish for it. It is like having all the most fashionable people in the world as your personal shoppers and right at your fingertips too. And have no fear that it’s all Saint Laurent purses and Louboutin shoes. A lot of it is, but a lot of it is really affordable too. Much more affordable than you would ever guess. Who knew fashionistas still wore dresses under $20? This little baby was.Living in the Blogging Future-The Person I Am Tonight


Kill Shakespeare

August 20, 2014

Dear Reader,

Kill Shakespeare has something of the flavor of Lost in Austen, although much bloodier and more full of creepy ladies throwing the word “hecate” around. It employs the same disconcerting and effective tactic of taking stories that are so ingrained in our collective consciousness and making them run a different course. And thus we have a comic where Juliet did not kill herself after Romeo died, instead becoming a Shakespearean mockingjay out to stop the tyranny of Richard III (who apparently has not yet had his “My kingdom for a horse!” moment yet). In fact, he is ruling and with an iron fist. It appears that none of his Shakespeare-created enemies could stop him so he is now burning villages and searching for unsuspecting messiah figures.Kill Shakespeare-The Person I Am Tonight

This messiah is none other than Hamlet, who is here given a chance to stop being such a complete and utter ass. Hamlet still struggles with his demons, sometimes quite literally as above, but he has a purpose outside his mad quest to avenge his father. Don’t get me wrong, he still has daddy issues that plague him throughout the text. But his goal becomes larger: to find and kill the mysterious being that is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is treated alternately as a great wizard with a magical quill that can shape destiny and change fate, and as a literal god. People don’t say “For God’s sake” in this. They say “For Will’s Sake.” He is their creator and the shaper of their destinies and their is a bit of a consciousness that they are just puppets in his stories. But now, the puppet strings have been severed because he is somehow no longer calling the shots. One can’t help but wonder what will happen when the author comes back and sees his characters have run amok.Kill Shakespeare-The Person I Am TonightAnd so Lady Macbeth is consorting with Richard III and plotting with Iago, Juliet is teaming up with Othello and Falstaff and flirting with Hamlet. It is all so disconcerting. And so much fun. Minor characters weave in and out of the pages, with Demetrius and Lysander apparently friends again (though with no Hermia and Helena yet to be seen), and Shakespearean easter eggs abound. Kill Shakespeare-The Person I Am TonightThe Weird Sisters from Macbeth are doing the Lady’s bidding now, and Hamlet is wavering in his purpose to kill the great wizard Shakespeare. There is even a bonus comic about the magical manipulation involved in the murder of Julius Caesar. It is a Shakespearean fan’s dream, to be honest. It is just so much fun to see these characters outside of their set lines and actions. Never more so than when Juliet is being everything her character promised to be but never achieved in Romeo and Juliet. Kill Shakespeare-The Person I Am TonightJuliet was always the wiser one in that relationship, always the one to call a halt and beg that they not get carried away. She takes ninety percent of the action and it is good to see her survive and thrive. Thank Will for that.Kill Shakespeare-The Person I Am TonightFalstaff is a barrel of fun, as per usual. I can’t wait to see if they deepen his character a bit. I am just through the first volume and immediately picked up the next. Shakespearean fan or not, this is a comic that most everyone would enjoy. It is full of action, blood, political intrigue, romance, and kickass art. And I hear the Lady Viola is going to be putting in an appearance. So all you Shakespeare on the Commons folks, stay tuned. Kill Shakespeare-The Person I Am TonightYou can pick up the first three volumes here  and at most comic stores, and the fourth should be coming out pretty soon. You can get the individual issues for the fourth volume already (the third one comes out the 27th). Pick it up and tell me what you think!

Ikea and Allston Christmas

August 18, 2014

Dear Reader,

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that Ikea has attacked my apartment. On Saturday my roommate and my soon to be roommate and I all drove to the Ikea a little ways outside of Boston where we were greeted by tremendous crowds, two for a dollar hot dogs, and lamp shades with owls printed on them. The usual Ikea venture, to be sure. I was supposed to be looking for mostly new carpets and lamps, instead coming home with two pink ceramic drinking glasses, lots of pillows, and a french press. Ikea and Allston Christmas- The Person I Am Tonight

They just couldn’t sell me on Snekkersten, although I almost bought it for the name alone. Two hotdogs and a trip to Target later and we were home, watching River Monsters and redecorating the whole apartment. Ikea and Allston Christmas- The Person I Am Tonight

All of this has been inspired by an annual tradition in my neck of the woods. Here in the Allston/Brighton area the end of August and the beginning of September is known as Allston Christmas. People move out of their old apartments and into new ones, moving vans abound, and the sidewalks are littered with the detritus of humanity. If you are willing to hunt for and give a good clean to your find, you can get some pretty sweet things, such as this end table that I am a little too obsessed with.Ikea and Allston Christmas- The Person I Am Tonight

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I picked that up off the side of the road and brought it home to be loved and decorated with. Also, that second shelf moves. Which is just super cool. I am still looking for a good kitchen table and some chairs, but with this find, I feel that luck is with me. So if you are in the area and looking for some new furniture for your pad then cruise the streets a bit. Especially along Commonwealth there is an amazing array of junk that no one wants anymore and just a sprinkle of things that you might want for yourself. So grab some weird flowers from Whole Foods, put on River Monsters, and decorate for fall. It is coming ridiculously soon.Ikea and Allston Christmas- The Person I Am Tonight